"We want Uber in Portugal!"

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Portugal has been working with Uber for a long time as it’s communication agency in Portugal.

One of the main and first tasks was creating an online petition, with more than 12 thousand petitioners, demanding that the Northern-American transportation app would continue its presence in Portugal – this happened after a restraining order imposed by the Portuguese courts establishing that Uber would no longer be authorized to provide services in the country. Ten thousand citizens subscribed the petition in the first month due to a determined and strong comms’ activity developed by our team, which included engaging with key-stakeholders, such as Government, Members of the Parliament, celebrities, opinion-leaders and influencers. Diogo Beja (entertainment anchor of the most listened radio station in Portugal, Rádio Comercial), and Salvador Martinha and Fernando Alvim, two famous Portuguese humorists, were some of the celebrities sharing the petition ‘We want Uber in Portugal’ on their social media channels.

H+K was responsible for managing the company’s social media channels, for developing a strategic communication plan and for the press advisement in what concerns four of Uber’s approaches in Portugal – policy, customer choice, environment and engagement.


Sector: Mobility + Transportation
Office: Lisbon