In a world that is always watching, listening, and talking, you need to be prepared to respond to a crisis anywhere, anytime. And once the winds of social media and rolling news take hold, the fire of crisis can quickly escalate beyond control. So, how do you know if your crisis response processes can stand up to the force of a full-blown crisis?

FlightSchool+ is an online crisis simulation that lets businesses and individuals test their crisis response capability in a controlled setting. Running over multiple communications platforms, the immersive FlightSchool+ experience runs in real-time with H+K’s specialist trainers assessing how teams perform when the pressure is on. Additional elements like phone calls, memos and meetings give participants an authentic experience of crisis management.

The simulation can be run on an unlimited number of computers across multiple countries in different languages. H+K can tailor any scenario to make sure it’s pitch perfect for the audience – from senior brand managers to new recruits.

How does it work?

Flight School is a web-based interactive dashboard. Participants are immersed in a specially created scenario that plays out across the online discussion forums, Twitter, Facebook and other popular platforms, as well as news media. It requires them to engage and react rapidly across all these channels in real time, from issuing a press release to responding to consumer comments on Twitter.

H+K can monitor and evaluate every action taken within a completely secure and private setting. A team of trained facilitators with experience of managing crises are behind the scenes, simulating public response in an ‘as live’ setting. This lets the participants rehearse how best to respond to audiences on social media channels. Other members of the team involved in frontline response can even feed directly into the simulation in real-time, making it as realistic as possible.

To learn more about how H+K supports planning, training and response for issues and crisis, contact Tim Luckett.

Tim Luckett

Global Head of Crisis Communications


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