Health + Wellness


Health connects us all. Whether we are well or sick, our health — and that of our loved ones, our community, and the world — is the backdrop of our lives. To us, patients are people first.

Our aim is simple: to work collaboratively as well as create programs and content that improve people’s lives. Working closely with our behavioral insights team, we take what we learn from patients, families, loved ones, and healthcare professionals to make content and programs tailored to the needs of the people they are designed to help.

We find the combination of technology and patient insight to be a powerful engine to tell the stories and inspire the advocacy that gets noticed, delivers change, creates support and makes a difference.

Our expertise is deep and broad, spanning disciplines with a connected global network of health experts who adapt ideas and campaigns to meet varying needs with regards to language, cultural attitudes and changes in health systems around the world.

We are patient advocates, writers, filmmakers, pharmacists, policy geeks and many other things. We don’t do ‘off the shelf’, we do patient-first. And we love what we do.

David Bowen

Global Head of Health + Wellness

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